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  • Why did you want to do this?
    I love tshirts, natural hair, and uplifting black women, next question.
  • Whats different about you? Why you think your special?
    I'm special because my mother told me so, and my drive to provide that very same feeling towards women of color that feel the same way.I'm different because i'm a size 14 and I love fashion and get dressed up and being seen but controled by a industry that catered to much smaller body types that enjoy the exact same thing. loves and inpiries women of color around the globe and we treasure your stories.
  • What makes your black girl magic stand out?
    I'm extremely lucky to have access to team of designers, working everyday to create our vision and add your thoughts and actual words. Every image we use is custom and one of a kind. Its safe to say, no one else will have your same tshirt unless its a authentic apparel. Add my detailed quality control to find the perfect shirt to fit a plus size women of color and their dedcaition to be orginal you now have black girl magic that stands out and shines on all the others as one.
  • What are SophieServices?
    SophieServices is a department of the company that channels into my love to beautify and uplift my soil. Leading by example or maintaining advertisements or structures that are presently on the Virgin Islands or helping others start and maintain their dreams and goals, we will work around the clock to make sure the virgin islands remains a better place to live. If you are an established business or an individual with an idea contact us and let's talk about how you can help SophieServices and in return we can help you.
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