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Skin Tightening - $75 for 1 hour


Using the radio frequency method, we help your skin to almost magically become taught and smooth again. Schedule a consultation today to see just how beneficial this procedure can be for your situation.


Non-Invasive Liposuction – Looking to get rid of loose, broken up fat in your arms, legs, butt, or abs? Then this is a great option for you. In just three to six sessions, you’ll notice a change in the shape of your body as fat is eliminated. Best of all? There’s no downtime.

Skin Tightening – Losing weight is great, but that doesn’t mean you lose the skin where the fat once was stored. So what can you do about it? You can visit us for our radio frequency skin tightening services. This state-of-the-art method helps your skin become taught and smooth again.

Skin Tightening (1 hour)

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